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Adrien Brody teases his future on succession

SPOILER WARNING: Follow-up season three episode details of “Lion in the Meadow” are below.

They got a lot more than fresh air on that hike, that’s for sure.

On Sunday 7 Nov. Follow-up explosive season three episode introduced his latest character, Josh Aaronson, a beanie-wearing, billionaire played by Adrien Brody.

Fans are already asking if the Oscar winner’s scene-stealing appearance on the HBO dramas is just the beginning of wonderful things that lie ahead for the character. In an interview in Variety, Adrian said about a possible return to the program, “I would like it. I do not have an answer for you, but I will certainly like it. I am a big fan of the program, so it will be cool be. ”

Adrien plays a wealthy investor who holds powerful chips in the future of the tough Waystar Royco. When Logan (Brian Cox) and Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) flying out to visit Josh on his private island, he takes them on an outdoor hike on the sand that is apparently not so beach-loving.

He expresses his disgust at the Roy family’s civil war, which jeopardizes his investment, and asks the struggling father and son, “Where does it end? This friction? …” I thought my family was tired, “he says, “this is next level.”

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