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Cross-drug case: Munmun Dhamecha moves to Bombay High Court seeking bail conditions | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Days after receiving the long-awaited conditional bail drug case, model Munmun Dhamecha has now asked the High Court in Bombay to ease the bail conditions. Munmun Dhamecha was granted a conditional bail on October 28 along with Arbaaz Merchant and Ariese Khan. One of the most important bail conditions was that the accused had to attend the Mumbai office of the NCB every Friday between 11:00 and 14:00. By imposing a restriction on the accused, they were told not to leave Mumbai without informing the investigating officer and submitting the itinerary for it. Munmun reportedly filed a plea in Bombay High Court with lawyer Kashif Ali Khan Deshmukh, citing a Madhya Pradesh resident who had moved to Delhi for work. The plea said she did not have a home in Bombay. The plea further reads: “The above condition imposed will have a drastic effect on her professional life as well as her social life as she is expected to travel to Mumbai every week and it would be” highly impractical and unworkable Munmun has also asked the Supreme Court to allow her to attend the Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) office in Delhi, where she lives, instead of Mumbai where she has no accommodation. Munmun has requested that a bail condition in which she is required to inform the investigating officer and submit the itinerary.His plea states that since she is a resident of Madhya Pradesh and Delhi, there would be no specific itinerary presented to the investigating officer of the case can not be communicated.The plea will probably be heard by the court next week.

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