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Democrats retreat to Virginia House of Commons and insist two-seat recount

Days after Democrats relinquished control of the Virginia House of Representatives to Republicans, they stepped back from that concession as two key races in which the GOP had razor-thin clues seemed to be on the way to re-counts.

Voting counts from Tuesday show that Republicans have 50 seats and a slight lead in two additional seats not yet mentioned by The Associated Press. Democrats have 47 seats and lead in one other district not named.

In both districts where Republicans are the frontrunners, margins are below 0.5%, enabling candidates to request state-funded reruns.

In District 91, Del. Democrat incumbent Martha Mugler conceded to Republican challenger AC Cordoza on Friday. Mugler’s concession was quickly followed by a statement from Democratic House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, who acknowledged that with Mugler’s concession, Republicans had control of the House, with 51 seats.

But Mugler withdrew her concession over the weekend after the final absent and provisional ballots were counted and Cordoza’s lead shrank to just 94 votes out of 27,388 votes counted.

In House District 85, Republican challenger Karen Greenhalgh’s lead over Democratic incumbent Del. Alex Askew, reduced to just 127 votes out of 28,413 votes counted after the final absent and provisional ballots were counted.

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