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Leonardo DiCaprio in Talks to Play Jonestown cult leader Jim Jones

Leonardo Dicaprio turned his eyes to play one of history’s most dangerous charismatic men.

E! News can confirm that the 46-year-old Oscar winner is in final negotiations to play Jim Jones-the infamous cult leader who orchestrated a mass suicide at his Jonestown settlement on November 18, 1978 – in an upcoming movie with MGM. The incident, in which more than 900 people died after drinking grape-flavored punch with cyanide, is considered the greatest example of American civilian deaths not caused by a natural disaster until the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

In addition to starring in the biopic, currently titled Jim Jones, DiCaprio will work together as a manufacturer Jennifer Davisson, the president of production at his Appian Way company, according to Deadline, who was the first to report the news.

The outlet reports that the film’s screenplay was written as a screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, whose work includes High Fidelity, Away in 60 seconds, Poison and the two latest Jumanji sequels. Rosenberg will apparently also produce the CEO of the project.

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