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Now that he has won Glenn Youngkin publicly supports Trump’s coup

Speaking at a fundraising dinner, Virginia’s elected governor Glenn Youngkin told participants that the real uprising was election day 2020.

Maggie Haberman tweeted:

Youngkin showed his true colors just after election day. He is not a moderate fleece on which he campaigned. He is a Trump clone, and he will have power over how the 2024 presidential election will be held in Virginia.

It did not cost those Virginia voters who either did not show up to vote or turned from Biden to Youngkin to see that they had made a big mistake.

For the next four years, a state that was a ten-point victory for Joe Biden in 2020 is stuck with a Trump clone. Glenn Youngkin was never what he sold to voters, and now that the ballots have been counted and he has won, Youngkin can show the nation who he really is.

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