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Representative Sean Patrick Maloney defends and explains why his party focused on Trump

Talk to The New York Times, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (DN.Y.) explained why his party focused on former President Donald Trump amid criticism of Republicans who accused Democrats of launching investigations motivated by political hostility towards him and that many of their messages going forward focus on him. of next year’s midterm elections.

Maloney said Trump was still very much a “liability” for Republicans, citing attempts by Glenn Youngkin, a Republican who recently won Virginia’s gubernatorial election, to distance himself from the former president.

“Glenn Youngkin ran away from Donald Trump like a teenage girl in a slasher movie,” Maloney said. “They mock him on ‘Saturday Night Live’ about how much he tried to run away from Donald Trump.”

Maloney said Democratic losses in Virginia and other states “Should be a wake-up call that we do not get the job done with messages.” However, he noted that the situation is more complicated than it may seem at first glance.

“The competitive congressional districts are mainly in suburban swing areas, and in those areas Glenn Youngkin underperformed. Mitt Romney“I think it’s more complicated than people say. Trump’s toxicity remains a huge liability with suburban swing voters.”

Recently, Trump assert that Youngkin would have lost the race by a significant margin if he had not relied on support from Trump and his MAGA contingent.

“I heard Virginia was blue, but I never believed it was blue,” Trump said in an interview on local radio in Virginia on Wednesday morning. “Without MAGA he would have lost by 15 points, more… instead of giving us credit, they say: ‘Oh, he is more popular than [Trump]. ”’”

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