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Secret ties make NRA leaders name their members Hillbillies and fruitcakes

Secret ties of NRA leaders who met after the Columbine shooting caught them referring to their members as hillbillies and fruitcakes.

NPR got the tires:

In addition to charting their national strategy, NRA leaders can also be heard describing the organization’s more activist members in surprisingly harsh terms, and mocking them as “hillbillies” and “fruitcakes” who may be going after Columbine from writing and they embarrassed.

And they dismiss conservative politicians and representatives of the arms industry as largely unimportant role players and say they will do whatever the NRA proposes. Members of Congress, say one contestant, asked the NRA to “secretly provide them with talking points.”

The release of the tires could not have come at a worse time for the arms manufacturer’s lobby. They are currently being sued in federal court for a series of illegal campaign contributions made to Republicans Sen. Josh Hawley and Donald Trump.

The NRA’s power has not diminished within the Republican Party. The way the leadership described elected Republicans after Columbine remains true today. The NRA has such a stranglehold on Republicans that neither the Sandy Hook nor Parkland school shootings have moved them to lift their blockade of gun reform legislation.

The NRA has nothing but contempt for its members. Those “hillbillies” are the only reason they have any power at all.

The National Rifle Association was so fond of Trump because they are two peas sharing the same pod. They hate and mock their fans, who see them as idiot hick rubes being played to their advantage.

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