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From Fruit Seller to Educator: Anushka Sharma Praises Padma Shri Award Winning Harekala Hajabba | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

When the whole film fraternity is busy Ekta Kapoor, Karan Johar, Adnan Sami and Kangana Ranaut for Padma Shri Award, Actress Anushka Sharma grabbed his social media handle to praise Harekala Hajabba, who is a fruit seller of Karnataka. Hajabba was recently awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civil honor, for starting a school to educate underprivileged children. He achieved this feat by setting aside money from his daily earnings of Rs 150 per day. His school teaches 175 children and he intends to build further with the prize money and donations he has received. According to an IFS official’s tweet, “Harekala Hajabba was in a queue at a ration shop when the authorities informed him that he had found Padma Shri.” Now, you have to think, what makes a fruit seller dream of opening a school? Hajabba answered this question in his interaction with a news agency, saying: ‘I only know Kannada, not English or Hindi. So I was depressed because I could not help the foreigner. I’m wondering about building a school in my town. My goal is to build more schools and colleges in my town. Many people donated money and I accumulated prize money for the purchase of the land for the construction of schools and colleges. I have requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to build a pre-university college in my village. ‘ Hajabba’s journey is truly an inspiration to each of us. Actress Anushka Sharma and her cricketer husband Virat Kohli were also deeply involved in social service. Coming back to new mom Anushka Sharma, the diva has resumed work as she has been producing some web series and is actively involved in the process. She has yet to announce her Bollywood return, but she started shooting again for her TV commitments.

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