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New Lincoln project ad praises Biden infrastructure and drives Trump crazy

The Lincoln project hits Trump where it hurts by reminding America of its four years of infrastructure week that promised while saying Biden did it.

Look at the ad:

The ad says: “For four years Donald Trump promised our infrastructure week. The so-called builder said only he could deliver on roads, bridges and airports, but who did the work? Joe Biden. Action, not talk. Results, no “Tweets not. Millions of new jobs. Billions for the economy that Donald Trump ruined. Serve America instead of serving itself. Joe Biden. Build back better.”

Trump is already furious that Biden was able to keep the infrastructure promise with which he so ridiculously failed.

“We’ve been waiting for the whole of Donald Trump’s only term for ‘Infrastructure Week,'” said Reed Galen, co-founder of Lincoln Project. “In his first year in office, President Biden has provided the necessary leadership to deliver a one-time investment on behalf of the American people. Build Back Better, unlike Infrastructure Week, is more than a slogan – it is a promise. ”

It is too early to predict what the 2022 election environment will be like, but one thing is clear. Republicans have counted on anger and pessimism governing the political landscape, but if Biden continues to deliver, Republicans will have a much harder road back to the congressional majority.

The Lincoln project knows how to push all of Trump’s buttons, and in the process, they remind America of Biden’s success.

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