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Valuable property: Priyanka Chopra opens over her cherished jewelery worth Rs 2 crore | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

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Priyanka Chopra calls her engagement ring the most beautiful jewelry she has received, says it has sentimental value

Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra now talking about the most cherished piece of jewelry .. In an exclusive interview with fashion and lifestyle magazine, she said it was her engagement ring donated by her husband Nick Jonas. The diva, who owns some of the most expensive clothes and accessories in her collection, donated the ring, which is believed to cost around $ 2,000,000, by Nick in 2018. Priyanka, who was in Dubai to launch a jewelery brand’s new collection, jokingly said: “If I do not say my engagement ring, my husband will kill me. joke!” Later, Priyanka said that the most amazing piece of jewelry she has ever received and cherished is her engagement ring. She explains the reason for this and says that her engagement ring was “unexpected”. She added: “I’m very sentimental about the jewelry I wear, it’s always associated with memories for me, so I’ll definitely say that,” according to media reports, Nick closed a Tiffany store to buy Priyanka the engagement ring . , the cost of which was about $ 2.00,000. Recently, her social media posts boasted her first Diwali celebrations with her husband Nick in their new home in Los Angeles, California. They also performed Lakshmi puja at their home. Bollywood’s Desi Girl never forgets to mention her roots and culture when she gets a chance for opportunities and interviews. When the magazine asked about her perfect version of paradise, she said that her version of paradise is with her loved ones. “I like being surrounded by my family, my friends, and being at home,” she said.

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