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England captain Joe Root demands change after cricket match

England captain Joe Root demanded change on Thursday after a racist fight engulfed the Yorkshire County Cricket Club, saying the events “broke our game and tore lives apart”. Root, currently in Australia who led Ashes preparations, issued his statement after weeks of increasing pressure at the club he has represented since childhood. Former Azeem Rafiq has filed a lawsuit against Yorkshire last year, which has now been settled for failing to adequately deal with the racist abuse he suffered while representing the country, saying he was driven to suicidal thoughts. .

Subsequent allegations emerged from others, prompting additional investigations.

Yorkshire chairman Roger Hutton resigned last week after sponsors withdrew and deprived the English and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) of Headingley’s right to host international matches.

Root said he feels he needs to speak out.

“In my capacity as England captain and as a senior player at Yorkshire, I feel obliged to address the current situation that has plagued the sport and YCCC, ”Root said in a statement from England’s base to Australia’s Gold Coast.

“I just want the sport to be a place where everyone enjoys it for the beautiful game it is and feels equal and safe.”

Root said there was “no debate on racism”, describing it as “simply unbearable”.

“These events broke our game and ripped lives apart,” he added. “We now need to recover and come back as fans, players, media, and those who work within cricket. We have an opportunity to make the sport I love better for everyone.

“I want to see change and actions that will make YCCC emerge from this with a culture that uses a diverse environment with confidence in all communities that support cricket in the country.


“We need to educate, unite and restore.”

Earlier this week, Kamlesh Patel, chairman of New Yorkshire, Pakistan-born Rafiq, praised for speaking out about the racist abuse he suffered, which revealed that the country had settled its employment case.

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