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‘He coveted an all-sacrificing woman’: Hema Malini once revealed why she never married Sanjeev Kumar | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Did you know that deceased actor Sanjeev Kumar went out with his co-star from ‘Seeta Aur Geeta’ and ‘Sholay’, Hema Malini, but it was just not meant to be? In his recently released authorized biography, authors Hanif Zaveri and Sumant Batra wrote about everything that happened between the two and the misunderstandings that drove them apart. They write about how Hema and Sanjeev met while shooting for the super hit ‘Seeta Aur Geeta’ song, ‘Hawa Ke Saath Saath’. The song showed them skating down the hill and the two even had an accident during the shooting. After having an almost fatal fall, the two were more concerned about each other than about themselves. “Many believe that this was the moment when they began to develop their feelings for each other,” reads the book. Sanjeev’s mother also approved of Hema, who always ‘covered her head with her pallu and touched Shantaben’s feet’. However, his family did not want Hema to continue working as soon as they got married. Sanjeev and his mother even arrived at Hema’s house to ask her hand for marriage, but things could not work out. Their unwillingness to ‘compromise’ and a few more misunderstandings spelled doom for their relationship. Years later, Hema said in an interview that Sanjeev was expecting a followers woman, something she could never be. She said: ‘A Sanjjeev Kumar who coveted a stay-at-home wife who would care for and support his elderly mother while enchanting the audience and winning praise looks like a caricature of a male chauvinist. But before we judge him too harshly, let’s look at the era we are dealing with. At the time, it was common to look down on women who chose to be part of showbiz. ” She added: “A ‘good wife’ and a ‘good wife’ were a woman who chose her family over herself and her career, a tireless homemaker who helped her husband reach the pinnacle of success. – rubbed oil in her mother. -law’s hair, taught her daughter good manners and helped her son with his homework. Times have changed and women are being freed from this unjust burden. The truth is that an ‘ideal woman’ or, for that matter, an ‘ideal man’ is a myth, and perhaps that’s why Sanjeev Kumar could not rest in his lifetime. The perfectionist in him was looking for the perfect woman – who honestly does not exist. ” Hema later married Dharmendra and he had two daughters with him, Esau and Ahana Deol. She is Dharmendra’s second wife after Prakash Kaur. He has sons Sunny and Bobby Deol and daughters Ajeeta and Vijeta from his first marriage.

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