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Mallika Sherawat admits she has “a great love” in her life, says “My boyfriend always complains, Oh my God, are you a nun?” | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Actress Mallika Sherawat, who gained notoriety with her unconventional roles and glamorous avatars on screen, recently confirmed that she was in a relationship when she opened up her personal life. The actress recently appeared on a celebrity chat show hosted by Mandira Bedi, where she wasted the beans on her love life. During the conversation, while revealing that she likes to live her life in a more ‘holistic and spiritual way’, Mallika also opened up to that one habit of hers that her boyfriend regularly complains about. She revealed that her boyfriend called her a ‘nun’ because she went to bed early, and said: ‘I do not like the party culture. I am more in a spiritual way of life, a holistic way. I love going to bed early. My boyfriend always complains, Oh my God, are you a nun? You always sleep early. What is wrong with you?’ While acknowledging that she had received a ‘great love’ in her life, she further said: ‘I have a great love in my life. At the beginning of my career I worked, and I was really busy, but one developed, and one grew, and now I’m in a very comfortable place in my life. Love plays a big role. ‘ While talking about how she met her boyfriend, the film ‘Murder’ actress, while choosing not to reveal his identity, mentioned that they both met while hanging out with their respective friends in Saint- Tropez vacationed and stayed at the same hotel. Meanwhile, she talked about her work front, recently, in a conversation with ETimes, about her career in Bollywood and said: ‘I am grateful to Bollywood for what I have. This place gave me a career, a name. I can live life on my terms and enjoy my economic freedom. I had the chance to work and hobnob with some fantastic people. No one gets such a life. Things have only gotten better with such big roles being pinned down for women today. I feel so encouraged. It gives hope to actresses like me. It’s the golden age for artists. ‘ She was last seen in a web series with actress Esha Gupta.

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