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Republicans largely fail as support for school masks and vaccine mandates is strong

Republicans have been furious about vaccine mandates in schools, but the mandates appear to be very popular.

According to a new poll by Monmouth University:

The poll finds that 61% of the public support the wearing of face masks by students, teachers and staff in schools. It is slightly lower from September (66%). Support levels for school-based vaccine mandates remain stable for both teachers and staff (59%, compared with 60% in September) and students aged 12 and over (53%, compared with 51% in September).

Among parents, 60% support school mask mandates, and 52% support teacher vaccine mandates, but only 40% support vaccine mandates for older students. These numbers have not changed by more than two percentage points since Monmouth’s September poll. The current poll also finds less than half (44%) of the public – and only 34% of parents – support the requirement of vaccines for students in the new qualifying 5 to 11 age group.

Republicans want parents to have the right to choose, but most parents choose masks and vaccines

Republicans formulated the mask and vaccine issue as a “right to choose,” but the vast majority of parents choose masks and vaccines for their children.

This may come as a surprise to the party of child sex traffickers, but most parents actually love their children and do not want them to get COVID.

The message on this culture war issue for Democrats is clear.

Republicans want to make your child sick. Republicans want to give your child COVID are both messages that are accurate and powerful. Parents must have the right to keep their children healthy.

The Republican messages on masks and vaccines have given the Democrats a huge opening, and they need to deliver the message most parents want to hear.

Your children will be safe at school.

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