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After receiving relief from the Magistrate’s Court, Kangana Ranaut and Sister Rangoli Chandel receive a review complaint filed against them by Advocate Ali Kaashif Khan | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

After receiving a setback from the magistrate’s court where the judge dismissed his complaint Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel, lawyer Kaashif Ali Khan Deshmukh has filed a review complaint in Sessions Court. The magistrate’s court had earlier officially closed the proceedings against the brothers and sisters, saying that ‘the process of issuance is not sustainable in the absence of a sanction’. The court said: “I do not find sufficient grounds to proceed further against the proposed defendants (Kangana and Rangoli) due to lack of sanction.” Now, as he approached the city’s collector for the issuance of sanctions on his complaint, he said that ‘the complaint should not have been dismissed directly when the magistrate had already ordered a police report to be submitted under section 202 of CRPC not. The court should have kept it for compliance. ‘ Lawyer Kaashif Ali Khan Deshmukh is of the opinion that instead of directly dismissing his case on non-availability of the sanction order, it should have been held for compliance, citing an example of a similar case for sedition filed by him filed against Kangana.

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