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Listen to Beyoncé’s inspiring new song “Be Alive”

Do you hear that? Beyoncé is back with new music!

The Queen returned after a year away from music with “Be Alive,” from the upcoming film, King Richard. Before the release of the single, on Friday, November 12, fans could hear it in the trailer for the film, which plays the lead role. Will Smith as Venus and Serena Williams‘dad. “It feels so good to live. Have all my sisters by my side,” she sings. “Couldn’t wipe this Black off if I tried. That’s why I lift my head with pride. Now we’re sitting on top of the world again.”

Along with the song, an official lyric video also dropped. The video contains the song playing while a voice-over of the rights Richard Williams gives one of his famous pep talks plays about it.

King Richard tells the true story of the father’s quest in the early 90’s to raise his two youngest children — Venus (41) and Serena (40) —tennis.

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