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BREAKING: More Georgia 2020 Election Corruption Exposed

Kevin Moncla by UncoverDC reports:

Most states have laws that require voting equipment to be tested before each election to ensure that it functions properly. This process is called logic and accuracy testing “L&A” (or sometimes LAT) and is supposed to be open to the public. Each machine is analyzed through a systematic procedure to ensure that the machines accurately record and count votes. They also check that the software on each machine is the correct, certified version and that it has not been tampered with or tampered with.

At the end of September of 2020, two provinces in Georgia conducted their L&A tests. Both have discovered a problem in that the voting machines do not show the second column of the senate candidates. The provinces reported the matter to the foreign minister, who then ordered election officials across the state to cancel L&A testing until the issue could be resolved.

A few days later, on September 30, a corrected version of the software was distributed to all provinces in the state. Because the device required modifications to the software, the new version had to be installed on each of the state’s 30,000 machines before the L & A testing could be performed. With less than two weeks before the start of advanced / early voting on October 12, there was not enough time to schedule the public and pay proper attention. The legally required L&A testing had to be completed before advanced / early voting.

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Moncla and team then reviewed the tests in three of Georgia’s provinces, Cobb, Gwinnett and Fulton. Cobb and Gwinnett both completed their tests by Oct. 9, but Fulton County refused to cooperate. According to a review of minutes from the Fulton County Board of Elections, it has been established that Dominion Voting Systems was installing the new software on Fulton’s machines, but the country has not yet started the L&A testing, and most likely never does not complete this test. before the vote began.

Fulton County eventually provided information to Moncla and this shows that Fulton County did complete L&A testing, but this testing was only completed at the end of the month, October 31, 2020. It was far over when the testing according to Georgia should have been completed law.

Moncla writes:

Clearly, the Fulton County voting machines and systems were not L&A tested until after early voting. This means there was no checking or verification about how the machines were programmed. It is important to understand that the majority of all votes cast for the 2020 general election during early voting on the untested machines (314,985 out of 523,000), making this a very serious problem. There is another problem:

The L&A testing should only be performed by country election officials. It is equally important and unacceptable that Dominion is contracted to perform L&A testing of their own equipment. The mandatory testing process is not designed to rely on third-party providers’ self-verification.

The testing of voting machines was not only completed after the early voting began in Fulton County, Georgia, but this work was done by outsiders (Dominion) that should never have happened.

Fulton County Georgia voting machines used in the 2020 election were not adequately tested under Georgia law and this testing was only completed after 314,000 ballots were cast during early voting. This work, too, was completed by outsiders.

All of this points to a corrupt election result in a state with tens of thousands of voting issues in an election given 10,000 votes to Joe Biden.

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