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Journalist and Gateway Pundit contributor Jacob Engels is hacked after exposing filthy pornographic book at local public school in Florida

Guest post by Roger Stone

Journalist and The Gateway Pundit contributor Jacob Engels was hacked after exposing a nasty pornographic book in a public school library in Florida.

A few weeks ago, my friend and investigative journalist Jacob Engels, who regularly reports to the Gateway Pundit, was forcibly removed by police during a meeting of the Orange County School Board in Orlando, Florida because of a disgusting graphic and pornographic illustrated novel to our public school. children.

VIDEO: Journalist reads dirty pornographic books from school library at FL School Board meeting – Councilors call police to have him forcibly removed because he has read obscene content aloud

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The video of him addressing the OCPS school board, filmed by local journalist DatabattlesZ, quickly went viral after the news first broke here on The Gateway Pundit.

I have known Jacob for almost a decade and his work exposing the political interests that orchestrated the mock trial that wrongfully convicted me in a federal court in DC, the corrupt Obama appointed judge in my case and arrested him threatened just because he dared to defend me in public. and exposes the epic corruption surrounding ever facet of my mock trial.

After exposing the Orange County School Board for providing pornographic material to minors, which is a violation of state law, left-wing activists hacked its Central Florida Post website, wiping out eight years of journalism exposing Hillary Clinton and George Soros alike has. They even left source code in Russian, to make it look like Jacob’s website was built by the Russian state. This is an obvious smear tactic of the left, trying to portray anyone who is for President Donald Trump or against the political establishment as a “foreign agent”.

Fortunately, he has had backup on a secure server and he plans to restore its operation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this will require a huge amount of resources. Therefore, I encourage you to donate to his GiveSendGo account to help him recover his life work. His “crime” of exposing a nasty porn novel given to children is not a crime, but a crucial public service in the fight against the anti-Christian wake-up call that seeks to wreak havoc on American society. pollute their Marxist ideologies.

During the politically motivated Mueller investigation, I underwent the same demonic attacks on my livelihood and character, from the same left-wing authoritarian that we want to mask or vaccinate by force, while children want access to graphic novels.

These attacks left me financially ruined, even while my wife Nydia was fighting Phase Four cancer. You can help our family recover by clicking here.

Jacob’s story is not unusual. Millions of patriots are targeted by Big Tech daily. His former host company even has ties to the Council on Foreign Relations, General David Petraeus, Goldman Sachs and a multitude of globalist goons who hate America.

According to several Internet security experts, sites like the Central Florida Post have been targeted by massive burglary operations, with no oversight or protection from the hosting company Bluehost, where Jacob’s website was previously hosted.

Please donate today to his Give Send Go. Without outlets like The Gateway Pundit, or the Central Florida Post at the local level, we would have no idea about the crime of the Democrats and Deep State.

Meanwhile, you can see Jacob’s work on the STONECOLDTRUTH.COM.

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