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More corrupt Georgia election laws unveiled in 2020 – 770,000 ballot papers ordered shortly before the 2020 election are missing

We have reported on numerous corrupt and criminal acts involved in the 2020 election in Georgia. Today we found a few more.

Kevin Moncla by did not give up on investigating the 2020 election fraud in Georgia. The FBI and DOJ will not investigate the many crimes that took place in that state, so civilian journalists like Moncla fill in where the [in] The Department of Justice will not go.

Today, Moncla exposed more highly suspicious and probable criminal acts that took place in the 2020 election in Georgia. Moncla has discovered an invoice for more than a million ballots to be delivered to Georgia just before the 2020 election. These ballots were printed in Arizona by Runbeck and some observations related to these ballots have been previously reported.

BREAKING: Fulton County Georgia ordered more than one million absentee ballot papers from printers days before the 2020 election knowing there was no time to mail them out – why?

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Today Moncla reported that these million ballot papers ordered from Runbeck were ordered with “no stumps” as shown here:

An election official in Georgia shared the following about what “no stump” means in the ballot request:

These ballots were deliberately missing tabs needed to keep up with the ballots.

Moncla then reveals:

Mr. Sterling claimed that the ballot papers were ordered to serve as a backup plan in case the machines could not be properly tested logically and accurately before the election, as required by Georgia law. However, we reported that this could not have been the reason, as the ballot papers were ordered after early voting had already begun. Our argument was basically that the machines were already in use at the time of ordering; therefore, testing could not have been the problem.

Ironically, we found, and reported earlier this week, that Fulton County voice machines logic and accuracy were not tested before the start of early voting. Fulton County, however, continued to use the untested machines anyway. This revelation only denies Mr. Sterling’s apology that the issue of testing caused the “emergency” ballot order and reinforces our reporting.

Here’s the good old Gabe Sterling who makes another false claim:

The problem is that it is also questionable. Moncla shares:

We know that Fulton County ordered 1,058,210 “emergency” ballots. Fulton county and Gabriel Sterling confirms the reason why the ballots were ordered, and both claim they were never needed. They now plan to destroy those ballots, but for some reason has only 284,901 to destroy. Which begs the question:

Where are the missing 773,309 ballot papers?

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