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Empty shelves and supply chain crisis ‘may not be a bad thing’

Bloomberg has a opinion piece this week cover for the corrupt and incompetent Biden regime’s supply chain crisis.

“Suddenly Americans can not spend as they used to. Store shelves become empty, and it can take months to get a car, fridge or sofa. ” Bloomberg said.

“If it continues, we may have to – pant! – live more like the Europeans. It may not actually be a bad thing.”

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“It has become the conventional wisdom that the American economy is built on Americans’ endless appetite to buy lots and lots of goods. Household consumption accounts for about 67% of GDP. When the economy fluctuates, we are told that spending is our patriotic duty. But suddenly, Americans can not spend as much as before. Store shelves become empty, and it can take months to find a car, refrigerator or sofa. If this continues, we may have to learn to do without – and, horribly, live more like Europeans. This can actually not be a bad thing, because the US economy could be healthier if it were less dependent on consumption. Bloomberg opinion writer Allison Schrager wrote.

Nearly 160 cargo ships are currently anchored off the coast of Southern California, waiting for workers to unload and ship supplies.

The Biden regime’s response to a supply chain crisis is to reduce the workforce by imposing unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

The Biden White House also took refuge in blaming Americans for the supply chain crisis.

Psaki said Americans who buy too much goods online are the “root cause” of the supply chain crisis thanks to a labor shortage created by Joe Biden.

The message of the Biden-Regime media complex is clear: Lower your expectations and settle for mediocrity.

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