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Adam Schiff makes it clear a criminal reference is coming for Mark Meadows

1/6 Committee Member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the committee would move quickly to refer Mark Meadows for criminal prosecution.


Rep. Schiff said on Meet The Press:

Well, you know, we have moved very fast to make these decisions and I am confident that we will also move very fast with regard to mr. Meadows, but we want to make sure we have the strongest possible case to offer. the Department of Justice and for the Department of Justice to submit to a grand jury. And that means making sure we bend over backwards to reach any agreement we can with witnesses who show any willingness to get involved.

But when witnesses finally decide, as Meadows has, that they are not even going to bother to show up, that they have so much contempt for the law, then it forces our hand quite a bit and we will move fast.

Witnesses who do not try to cooperate will be criminally referred

Rep Schiff’s message is loud and clear. People who are being sued by the committee should try to cooperate better, or they will be on the fast track to being prosecuted criminally.

Steve Bannon did not try to cooperate. Mark Meadows did not try to cooperate. The end result is that Bannon has been charged, and Meadows, it appears, will be referred for criminal prosecution.

Do not mess with the 1/6 committee, because those who do can easily find themselves behind bars.

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