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NCB SIT to investigate only cases of Sameer Khan, Aryan Khan and Armaan Kohli | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

After the NCB’s sonal director, Sameer Wankhede, faced the uproar over alleged procedural irregularities, the NCB’s special investigation team took over the six cases from the Mumbai unit for further investigation. However, according to the latest reports, SIT has now dropped three of the cases and will now only investigate cases involving Aryan Khan, Maharashtra minister’s son-in-law. Sameer Khan, in which a charge sheet has already been filed and the one of actor Armaan Kohli. In an interview with a news portal, a senior NCB official said: ‘The SIT will now only investigate these three cases. While initially six cases were transferred to the SIT, it came to light that no foreign links were present in the remaining three cases and they were deleted from the NCB investigation. ‘ Talking about the update in these three cases, in the cruise drug case, NCB officials have already recorded the statements of Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant. According to reports, NCB SIT will file the charge sheet in the case. The SIT deals with this matter with the highest priority and wants to complete their investigation at the earliest, taking into account the sensitivity and big names involved. In an interview with the media, Gyaneshwar Singh, NCB DDG, said: ‘Our investigation is ongoing, and we give it the highest priority … we want to end it at the earliest. We still need to include some key people in the investigation. ‘ Meanwhile, in other cases, one involving Sameer Khan, NCB will soon summon him to record his statement in connection and will also file a charge sheet in the Armaan Kohli case. In particular, after the rise cruise drug case, NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede was in the middle of a storm after serious accusations such as extortion claim were made against him by Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik and an NCB ‘witness’ Prabhakar Sail. Following this, the Delhi Unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau took over the investigation of some high profile cases.

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