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Why Yalitza Aparicio “decided” to continue acting for Roma

On a mission.

Yalitza Aparicio gone from a preschool teacher to An Oscar-nominated actress after starring in Alfonso Cuaronsee 2018 drama Rome. Now she continues her acting career in the pursuit of roles that “give visibility and a voice to indigenous communities.”

As Aparicio explained during E! ‘s “Ones to Watch” Series to celebrate indigenous heritage, she takes her time to choose between projects.

“I feel there must be coherence between my words and my actions,” the actress, who is from Triqui and Mixtec heritage, continued. “And the projects I’m working on have a lot to do with the importance of how indigenous people are portrayed on screen.”

Most recently, Aparicio starred in the Hulu short film Daughters of witches– a project she described as “a little complicated for me.”

Why? Her character had a role in English.

“Actually, a majority of the short film was supposed to be in English, but then there was a series of changes during development,” Aparicio explained, recalling that he had “a lot of nerves” at the beginning. “But with those nerves, I was accompanied by hope and enthusiasm to learn and speak another language.”

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