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Dionne Warwick asks Jake Gyllenhaal to return Taylor Swift’s scarf

Code Red, it’s not a drill: Dionne Warwick has a message for Jake Gyllenhaal, and she to return Taylor Swift‘s scarf at once.

After the release of Red (Taylor’s version) on November 12, everyone was talking about the new 10-minute version of her beloved track “Very good, “which has long been rumored about the musician’s relationship with Jake. Now Dionne has officially entered the chat, and it’s clear who’s she’s on – at least when it comes to Taylor’s famous MIA winter scarf.

“If that young man has Taylor’s scarf,” the Grammy winner, 80, said. tweeted on 15 November. “He must return it.” And just for extra explanation, Dionne followed it up by also tweeting: “It does not belong to you. Pack it and I will pay for the cost of the postage, Jake.”

Not surprisingly, fans tuned in as soon as the “Walk On By” singer tweeted her thoughts on Taylor’s track, with one user writing, “Send it back, young man. The Queen said you should.” While another wrote: “THE PRESIDENT OF TWITTER SPEAKED. Bring back the scarf, JAKE.”

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