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Taylor Swift is “FREAKING OUT” on This Boy Meets World Actor

Swifties bow before Taylor Swift after she fell Red (Taylor’s version) last week and a new music video on Monday, November 15th.

But even Taylor is not immune to starring from time to time. The 11-time Grammy winner had a fangirl moment of her own on Monday, after TikTok user @subpargrace shared a video of her grandfather praising Taylor’s new album.

Of course, her grandfather is not just anyone. He is an actor William Daniels, which George Feeny played on Boy meets world from 1993 to 2000 and resumed its role Girl meets world from 2014 to 2017. And apparently Taylor is a big fan.

“Hello! This is Bill Daniels,” the 94-year-old actor said in his message, while being portrayed in an appropriate red flannel. “You know, some things get better with age, like Mr. Feeny’s wisdom. So, I’m here to tell you to listen to the new and better version of. Red by Taylor Swift. “

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