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Do you remember ‘Tum Bin’ fame actress Sandali Sinha? Here is everything we know about her | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Remember the 2001 hit movie ‘Tum Bin’ – the lead actress Sandali Sinha won many hearts and fans during the day. Despite the fact that she gained great popularity and in 2001 became an overnight star. But her success was short-lived. After being praised for her good acting skills in ‘Tum Bin’, Sandali also appeared in a few other films, but she was unable to create the magic on screen and later decided to leave the glamor industry. Sandali married businessman Kiran Salaskar in November 2005 and is now a proud mother of three children. Away from all the spotlight and paparazzi, Sandali now lives in Mumbai and runs a bakery and spa. Sandali and her husband apparently started the business together. In 2016, Anubhav Sinha, who directed the film ‘Tum Bin’, also shared some photos with her when she visited him to record the songs of ‘Tum Bin 2 ‘. Recently, in a conversation with a news portal, Sandali opened her up Bollywood his career and while confessing that everything fell into place for her without any struggle, she said: ‘It was all natural to be in the entertainment industry. I started as a model, worked in TV for a year and then starred in music videos with Anubhav Sinha and his wife Ratna. When they made their debut film, everything just fell into place. It was not really a struggle and I was not looking forward to becoming an actor. ‘ She also spoke about her decision to leave the industry, saying: ‘I am from Delhi, so I kept going back there, my family needed me. I got married pretty soon within three years of making my debut and deciding to settle down and that was it. There was no planning in it, the movie happened of course. In the same way, life then naturally unfolded. ‘

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