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Drew Peterson claims his innocence in a new date line interview

Drew Peterson continues to claim his innocence after his conviction for the 2004 murder of Kathleen Savio.

In a preview of Date linePeterson’s exclusive interview, which airs Friday, Nov. 19, alleges he was unlawfully convicted of the death of his late ex-wife, Kathleen, whose remains were found in a bath in March 2004.

During his interview with NBCs Natalie Morales, Peterson claims that prosecutors estimated him for Kathleen’s death and said, “The prosecution is making up facts. The prosecution has set up a prosecution with Kathy. They’ve had an accident and set up a prosecution. Everyone twists it around. to make me look bad, okay? They twist it to make their prosecution or what they are trying to say against me work. ”

And when Morales Peterson is questioned about allegations that he “controls” and “threatens” with Savio and his other partners, including his missing wife, Stacy Peterson, the former police officer claims, “I was a loving man, okay? I was, what can I say? I was a good man, a good provider.”

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