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Joe Scarborough pushes Democrats who fail BS while Democrat tries to tell him about BBB

Ass. Speaker Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) talked about what’s in infrastructure and Build Back Better, only to be interrupted by Joe Scarborough asking how she would get the message out.

Video by Rep. Clark on Morning Joe:

Clark said, “Let me tell you what I heard. of only a few ingredients weeks ago on child tax credit, the tax cut we were speak of. It was a single father whose wife was severely disabled with a stroke during childbirth, and he raises his daughter on his own. He said he could not even believe he got it help he never understood the positive role that this could have in his life until it helped him meet the elevated cost of nappies and milk for his young daughter. These are the true stories that Americans feel the work we do.

Scarborough, who did not listen to a word just said to him, asked: “But how do you get it? message out? Because you are looking at the poll numbers and the stories that you tell, it’s clear does not break through. Democrats get erased on just about every issue at the moment. Even issues where they should be leading Republicans. So what happens, and how do you get that message more out effective?”

Clark tried again: “You know, let me tell you what the Democrats last did week. We blew out at home. We have before the – in Massachusetts, 500 Bridge It is in a state of decay. I went to child care centers and some with my colleagues in Michigan and heard from predecessors waiting for this money because they know what a lifebuoy it is for children, for families. We’re going to take these bills and show the American people that we hear them. We see them. We understand those issues that keep them awake at night that they talk about their kitchen tables. And let’s talk about what the Republicans do. Nothing. They just hope it and chaos that this brought, will lead them back to power. This is not a strategy for to address economic anxiety.

Democrats can not rely on corporate media

Instead of putting the corporate media on the spot because they do not cover the bill and for biased horse racing, Clark returned to the same tactic of telling more stories about how the bill helps people.

Democrats set themselves up for failure if they think for one second that the corporate media cares about what is in the bill. The corporate media has put together their story that Democrats can not get the message, then they make sure Democrats can not get the message out by sticking to their story.

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The point is not that Scarborough interrupted Clark. He does it to everyone. The media does not care what is in the legislation, so any attempt to talk about it will be diverted to a political narrative.

Democrats need to call corporate media for prejudice. If they hold the media accountable, their message will never come out because the corporate media is not going to report on the news.

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