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Kangana Ranaut incites another controversy, actress takes an indirect jibe at Mahatma Gandhi | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Multi-hyphen Kangana Ranaut has not finished speaking, yet, even after she sparked great controversy in court with her recent ‘India has freedom in 2014’ remark. The actress has now said that Subhas Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh received no support from Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, and went on to take potshots about his practice of ‘non-violence’ by saying that to ‘ to offer another cheek, you just get ‘bheekh’ not freedom. She referred to her controversial statement last week with her ‘bheek’ remark when she described India’s independence as ‘bheek’ and went on to claim that the country was only granted freedom in 2014, when the government led by Narendra Modi came to power. . Kangana encouraged people to choose their leaders wisely and shared a series of Instagram posts in the Stories section that also contained an old news clip with the headline ‘Gandhi, others have agreed to hand over Netaji’. She captioned the news clip: ‘Either you’re a Gandhi fan or a Nataji fan. You can not be both … Choose and decide. ‘ Kangana, who is often seen shaking feathers with her controversial statements, then further asserted and we quote: ‘Those who fought for freedom were’ handed over ‘to their masters by those who had no courage, burning / boiling hot blood to fight them. oppressors but they were power hungry and cunning … These are the ones we learned, ‘If someone slaps you offer another cheek for another slap’ and that’s how you’ll get Aazadi. That’s not how one gets Aazadi, one can just get bheekh. Choose your heroes with wisdom. ‘ She further said there was evidence to suggest that Gandhi ji wanted Bhagat Singh to be hanged. She continued in another post, ‘So you have to choose who you support because it is not enough to just put them all in one box of your memory and wish them all on their birthdays every year. In fact, it’s not just stupid, it’s highly irresponsible and superficial. “One must know their history and their heroes.” Kangana Ranaut’s statement on India’s independence comes weeks after she Padma Shri by President Ram Nath Kovind.

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