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Kanye “Ye” West and Drake seem to put an end to a long-running feud

Ye continued, “As we became more civilized and more sophisticated, the style of rap he did was more sophisticated than the style of rap I grew up with … he created this thing that actually has good melodies in it, you know, good music in it that has become largely accessible. So it’s kind of like the iPhone. “

The two famous battle in 2018. Ye went on Twitter at the time about the “Fair Trade” rapper after fans speculated that his then wife, Kim Kardashian, was the mysterious “Kiki” in Drake’s hit song “In My Feelings.” Following the conversation, however, Kim publicly denied the rumors.

The rappers’ beef continued well into 2021 after Ye reportedly posted Drake’s Toronto Address online.

Drake looked like he had the last laugh when he released his new album, Certified Lover Boy, on September 3 and apparently addressed the incident on one of his tracks.

Despite their drama, Ye repeated Drink Champs that he really has nothing but love for Drizzy.

“I love Drake,” he admitted. “I was just telling you things he did in a professional rap game that put me off. And then, well, I bit his ear, and that’s what happened, it was Mike Tyson. “

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