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‘Pati Patni Aur Tawaif’ actress Salma Agha’s handbag containing cash and other valuables stolen alleges delay in FIR filing by police | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Veteran actress singer Salma Agha does not seem too pleased with the way the Versova police station is handling her handbag theft case. According to police officers, the 65-year-old’s handbag, which contained cellphones and other valuables, was snatched away by two thieves on a motorcycle over the weekend. Agha then approached the police station but no FIR was registered according to the actress. Dissatisfied with the way things are handled, the veteran actress told a news agency and we quote: ‘There were two cellphones, some cash, keys and other items in my pocket. After I (police station) came up with a complaint, an officer told me it would take three hours to file an FIR. My case is not registered. Today I have the Mumbai Police via Twitter. ‘ She further claimed that this was not the first incident in her area. She said: ‘This was not the first such incident in the area. Similar crimes have also been reported earlier. Both the accused were on a high-end motorcycle and a police “nakabandi” (blockade) was in place near the place where the incident took place. ‘ At the incident, according to a police officer, Salma Agha told police that she was driving in a car rickshaw from her home to a pharmacy store in Versova in the early hours of Saturday morning when the two men who were riding a motorcycle has, grabbed her. handbag and chased away. Asked about the delay in registering an FIR in the theft case, a senior official of the Versova police station said and we quote: ‘We register FIR the same day (of an incident), but the actress said she do not have time and will come later. We approached her again, but she did not show up. We will submit the FIR as soon as she arrives at the police station. ‘

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