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Rep. Gosar blames Biden for his death threat against AOC

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) made his cartoon death threat against Rep. Alexandria defends Ocasio Cortez by blaming President Biden and illegal immigrants.

Paul Gosar lies while blaming Biden and illegal immigrants


Gosar said on the House floor:

I picked up the cartoon, no because it was a threat itself but because some thought so wash. Out of compassion for those in general felt offended, I censored myself. Last week my staff posted video depicting a policy battle regarding amnesty for tens millions of illegal aliens. This is an enemy to talk to young voters who too often overlooked. Even Twitter, the left’s mouthpiece, did not remove the cartoon, and note that it was in the public’s interest in stay. It contributes to the understanding and discussion of the real struggle that followed of this administration’s open border policy.

This body considers it Package from mr. Biden’s reckless socialist Marxist $ 4.9 billion account provided $ 100 billion in amnesty up to ten million illegal aliens already in the country. This is what the left does not do our people want to know. This country is suffering a plague of illegal immigration. Millions are drawn the death of the night, all approved by this administration.

For this cartoon, some suggests I should be punished. I said there is no threat in the cartoon, other than the threat posed by immigration to our country, and no threat was intended by my staff or me.

Gosar went on to talk about immigrants, comparing himself to Alexander Hamilton.

Gosar threatens AOC’s life due to illegal immigrants and Biden

None of what Gosar said was true.

Rep. Gosar is trying to blame illegal immigrants and the President of the United States for making a threat to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and President Biden tweeted it.

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Gosar wants people to believe it’s not his fault. Illegal immigrants and Joe Biden are to blame.

Rep. Gosar is a suspected co-conspirator in Donald Trump’s coup attempt, and he should not serve in Congress.

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