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A Real Man Would Defend His Family And The Constitution

Rep. Liz Cheney responded to Sen. Ted Cruz accusing her of Trump Derangement Syndrome by telling him that a real man would defend his family.


Cheney said: “I think Trump broke Ted Cruz, Ted always said he was a constitutionally conservative. But now he’s so desperate for political approval he will even advocates succession. And I think a real man will be to defend his right and his father and the constitution. “

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The moral of the story for Republicans is Do not come for Liz Cheney

Nobody likes Ted Cruz. If he did not have the (R) next to his name on the ballot in deep red Texas, he would probably sell shoes and talk about his high school achievements like Al Bundy.

Cruz showed a lot of skill in anything related to driving. Actually, he has no interest in it. Sen Cruz is motivated by an outward-looking ambition to be president. His desire for the presidency and need for fame seem to be the only reasons he hangs around in the Senate.

Ted Cruz is pitifully inadequate to take on Liz Cheney. Democrats do not agree with Cheney on virtually every issue outside of saving democracy. Rep. Cheney is a card-carrying, strongly conservative Republican.

Any Republican who comes for Liz Cheney makes a big mistake. She’s not afraid of a fight, and she has more backbone in her little finger than Ted Cruz has in his entire body.

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