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Eric Swalwell dismisses Lauren Boebert’s allegation that he slept with a Chinese spy

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) made it clear that he had never slept with a Chinese spy like Rep. Boebert did not claim, nor has he ever had the FBI attack his home, like Boebert’s campaign manager.

Boebert said on the House floor during the Paul Gosar censorship debate, “and then the cherry on top, my colleague and three months presidential candidate of California that on the intelligence committee slept with Fang Fang, a Chinese spy. “

Rep. Swalwell replied:

Republicans have been obsessed for months with the fictional Eric Swalwell China story. Swalwell was contacted by a Chinese spy, so he went to the FBI and cooperated with the investigation, which is what members of Congress / elected officials are supposed to do.

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It’s a difficult concept for Republicans to turn their heads around, but when a foreign government contacts a U.S. elected official and tries to corrupt an election or influence policy illegally, the official has a duty to contact to log on.

Kevin McCarthy responded to Swalwell doing the right thing by trying to throw him off his committee terms.

The only reason Rep. Boebert does not face an ethical inquiry and is disciplined for her remarks, is that she did not address anyone directly on the House Floor or use any names.

Rep Swalwell is right. The FBI did not raid his home because he did nothing wrong. However, one should not be surprised if in the future more law enforcers are knocked through for people who are close to Lauren Boebert.

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