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Nawab Malik shares school leaving certificates calling ‘Dawood’ as Sameer Wankhede’s middle name | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Reiterates its earlier allegation that Mumbai’s Narcotics Control Bureau Sonal Director Sameer Wankhede is a Muslim, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik shared it two school leaving certificates which allegedly belongs to the top cop. The documents, which show Wankhede’s middle name as ‘Dawood’, were issued by St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala, and St. Paul High School, Dadar, and declares ‘Muslim’ in the religious field. The Sameer Wankhede camp slammed the NCP leader for his allegations and has now also shared some documents to prove that there was no violation on Wankhede’s side. A school graduation certificate from 1995 mentions his name as Wankhede Sameer Dyandev and caste as ‘Mahar’. Nawab Malik, after sharing the documents, said: ‘I have already submitted these and other details to the Supreme Court in Bombay, which will give its interim orders later today. Wankhede surrendered to fraud and is an expert in creating ‘false certificates’.’ Malik had earlier claimed that Wankhede was born a Muslim, but falsified documents, including a caste certificate, stating that he belonged to the Hindu SC category to get a job under quota after clearing the UPSC exam . In response to the documents shared by Wankhede’s camp, Malik said and we quote: ‘He uses computerized certificates. All of them are fake. We have submitted the correct certificates to the court and these have all been documented. He’s probably going to lose his job now. ‘ In response to the allegations, Sameer Wankhede, who in this ‘he said she said’ was involved in a mess after he exploded an alleged ‘rave’ party on a vessel and superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in arrested a drug case: ‘I would like to express that my father Sh. Dnyandev Kachruji Wankhede retired on 30.06.2007 as a senior police inspector from the State Axis Department, Pune. My father is a Hindu and my mother, the late Mrs Zaheeda, was a Muslim. ‘

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