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Democrats break out in songs of Nancy after Speaker Pelosi builds better

House Democrats erupted in applause and Nancy sang in tribute to Speaker Pelosi who delivered Build Back Better.


The Build Back Better section is a reminder of why Nancy Pelosi is one of the House’s greatest speakers in American history.

It seems that it has been quickly forgotten how Speaker Pelosi navigated historic legislation on both the Dual Infrastructure Bill and Build Back Better with the slimmest of the House majorities.

Donald Trump and the Republicans had a much larger majority in the first two years of the Trump administration and could not achieve anything comparable to Pelosi’s latest achievement.

Speaker Pelosi also approved the CARES Act in the House, and the House passed legislation, ranging from firearms violence to voting rights.

The hymns of Nancy were well deserved. Speaker Pelosi is one of the greatest lawmakers of this or any other time in U.S. history, and the American people should be grateful to have her leading legislation through the House of Representatives.

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