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Frank Figliuzzi connects the Rittenhouse verdict and 1/6

Frank Figliuzzi connects the mentality that led Trump supporters to attack the Capitol with the Rittenhouse ruling.


Frank Figliuzzi said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

From my security lens, which I worry about and what I think law enforcement looks like worried about the license it seems to give to people who do not like something, the answer is to get in the car or if you is 17 years old, drives to wherever that thing you do not do as is and acts violently. Where did we see this happen recently? At the capital of the United States, on 6 January.

The message is it’s going be okay. The law enforcers are going confronted with 17-year-olds and 30-year-olds and older who feel it’s good to get the AR-15 and go, quote, help the police further the street and step out violent. This is already – Rittenhouse is already announced as a hero. In the last hour I was monitoring of extremist websites. They think he’s a hero. As you refer to Congressman Matt Gaetz posted it earlier week I’m going to present him congress internship. If the criteria is that you must show that you are hanging out with the Pred Boys, there is video of you hit a girl in the face that you are radicalized online to think that white supremacy is okay, then let’s pray for congress internships from here.

Do not be surprised when you see Rittenhouse walks the corridors of congress or to be withdrawn campaign stops for several officials. This is where we are today. Add to that the fact that the division over this verdict is merely a symptom of a larger ill, what is that we continue lack of confidence in us institutions, now especially the criminal justice system.

The mentality that runs through the 1/6 attack and the Rittenhouse murders is the same. Republicans get the message that political violence is okay and the consequences will be minimal. This is why the chairman of the House Law Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler, asked for a DOJ review of the Rittenhouse case.

The ruling sets a dangerous precedent, and the message must be sent that violence in democratic politics will not be tolerated.

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