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Kevin McCarthy has a total collapse of the house floor because it’s better to be voted on tonight

In one of the worst political strategies in modern memory, Kevin McCarthy holds the floor of the House that looks like an outrage over opposition to universal pre-k and lower prescription drug prices.

McCarthy did not argue against the Build Back Better Bill. Instead, the House Minority Leader cracked down on immigrants for a good hour.

When he entered his third hour, he began to get tired. Before long, he was raving about Trump not winning the Nobel Prize:

Soon, McCarthy shouted random things that popped into his head:

McCarthy, “Inflation, Gas Prices, Thanksgiving.”

This is the perfect encapsulation of the emptiness of the 2022 Republican campaign. They’re crazy. They scream, and they make absolutely no sense.

Kevin McCarthy thinks he’s rallying Republican troops, but the truth is, even his own Republicans stopped paying attention a few hours ago. McCarthy does not have the charisma or substance to perform such a trick.

He’s just a little boy whose suit is too big trying to sit at the adult table, hoping no one notices he doesn’t belong.

Rep McCarthy is holding the House floor and delaying the vote on the final section because he does not want legislation to help people pass.

McCarthy’s spectacle is at the same time revealing, inadequate and sad.

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