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MAGA Sham trial acquits Kyle Rittenhouse

A trial that was badly damaged by the judge’s injection of his political convictions ended with Kyle Rittenhouse getting away with multiple murders.

CNN reported on the verdict:

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on Friday of first-degree intentional manslaughter and four other charges in connection with the fatal shooting of two people and the injury of another during last year’s riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse took the position and testified before the jury that he acted in self-defense. He burst into tears during the testimony as he recounted the shootings during the chaotic night of unrest.

Between the judge directing the jury to an acquittal with his rulings and conduct, and Wisconsin law placing the burden of proof on the prosecution to refute self-defense, it feels like the deck has always been manipulated against the potential of a conviction.

The Rittenhouse ruling proves one of the truths about the American legal system. If you’re a white man crying in front of a jury, you can kill black people and claim that their blackness made it self-defense.

Justice has a sign only for whites in front, as multiple killer Kyle Rittenhouse can walk free.

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