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Storm clouds gather as Trump-MAGA donors furious with Mitch McConnell

Contrary to what one would normally consider common sense, Republicans in the Senate have only created major new fundraising problems for themselves. Donors are furious that 19 Republican senators have agreed to vote for a portion of President Biden’s infrastructure bill. The “19” includes Sen. Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham, perhaps the two most powerful Republicans in the Senate.

According to a report in Axios, Rick Scott delivered the bad news to a closed door meeting among senators yesterday:

Scott was at a donor retreat this month when the House approved the $ 1.2 billion measure, which allowed Biden to sign it into law. He conveyed the donors ‘response during the Senate Republicans’ closed-door conference luncheon Tuesday, the sources said. Scott delivered the news while delivering a presentation on the NRSC’s latest internal poll.

The IDP senators are a little unhappy in their timing here. The senators cast their ballots in August, when Biden had the full “Build Back Better” infrastructure bill on the table, programs that include care for the elderly and significant investment in a green economy. The IDP senators essentially voted for the “roads and bridges” section they supported, almost as a protest vote and one they thought would be popular.

That protest vote has become a bill that will be signed into law now that the House has approved the same bill, which MAGA rule no. 1 transgress, should never “give” something to President Biden, especially something that is absolutely considered a victory, no matter how many. it is necessary. By making Trump angry, the senators drove the donors crazy:

[Scott] added that some donors also paid attention to Trump’s statements, one of the sources said, including the former president whom Republicans call “RINOs” who “should be ashamed of themselves.”

McConnell may be very much tempted to blame Trump on this one, but he needs to be very careful. It was McConnell, not Trump, who personally decided that there would never be a single compromise with Obama on legislation – thus determining the pattern. Republicans expect a fully dysfunctional government under a Democratic president. The fact that Trump demanded the same “respect” is as much on McConnell as on Trump.

However, problems arise when the pure MAGA base (those who complained to Scott) borders on the pure business base. The business side knows how desperately the roads / railways / airports of this country need upgrades and because our dilapidated infrastructure is costing them money. There is a reason why the 19 IDP senators voted in favor of the infrastructure bill.

This makes party leaders like Ronna McDaniel prefer not to say anything rather than address the issue at all:

During a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor on Thursday, Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel refused to answer Axios’ questions about the bill. Nor would she say whether it was a mistake for the 32 Republicans to vote for it. McDaniel declined to even say the word “infrastructure” and instead tried to drive the conversation to Biden’s separate, more progressive $ 1.75 billion Build Back Better package.

There. See? Everything better now. Just do not talk.

The response to the Infrastructure Bill symbolizes a much larger and more dangerous divide within the IDP.

There’s Trump. Trump’s platform is Trump, his only priority is Trump, and in Trump’s zero – sum world, anything that helps Joe Biden hurts Donald Trump. Therefore, the votes on the infrastructure bill were a big mistake because they gave Joe Biden a victory, which means they voted for a Trump loss and are traitors.

And then of course there are the Wall Street and corporate Republicans who actually need something from time to time and do not care if it’s under Trump’s name or Biden’s name, they should have just done it.

The fact that the IDP needs to find a remedy that does not exist among this crowd is an issue that is well and truly deserved, one that McConnell owns, just as much as Trump. Happy hunting, fundraisers!

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