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Everything we know about the death of model Christy Giles

Giles’ final text can provide insight into her last stay:

In an interview with The Independent, Giles se ma, Fabrics Leslie Giles, said Cilliers, who was in San Francisco the night the model was out with friends, was able to locate his wife’s last stay using her phone.

“My son-in-law has the mirror images of her text messages. My daughter got a brand new phone, and her old phone was still active and at home, it was backed up to iCloud so you can see the text messages.” she explained. “She also has alerts about received text messages so you can see when she has read a text.”

The mother said that Giles’ last text message on November 13 at 5:48 am. was sent, “My daughter sent Hilda ‘let’s get out of here’ with a big big-eyed emoji — like I’m afraid we have to leave. Hilda agreed and said ‘I’m getting an Uber.’

“We know that Hilda did order an Uber, we know that about 5-10 minutes later an Uber arrived,” she added. “The Uber was waiting. The Uber left.”

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