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EXCLUSIVE: Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate reaches out to TGP

The Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate recently reached out to The Gateway Pundit.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) is a community of monks, priests and bishops who live in monasteries. The BCP is led by Patriarch Elijah with two Secretarial bishops, + Timothy and + Methodius. The BCP arose from the need to defend the fundamental Christian truths against heresy and apostasy. It does not recognize pseudo-pope Bergoglio [Pope Francis] and is not subordinate to him.

Patriach Elijah is concerned that Mexican bishops are blackmailing priests into being vaccinated.


BCP: Mexican bishops anoint priests to be vaccinated

It has been reported that “On August 30, the Mexican bishops published four cases in which their health service would not pay for bills that the priest could not pay himself:

“- when a priest recklessly exposed himself to Covid;”

Comment: De facto anything can be considered reckless – for example, the fact that the priest will not force the believers to wear masks. Thus, any ideological opponent of corona psychosis can be innocently punished.

“- when he is tested positive for Covid-19, but does not take measures;”

Comment: Dr Montanari says that PCR tests are 80 percent unreliable and are used for public manipulation. The Czech virologist S. Pekova adds that a positive test does not mean that a person is ill. In addition, testing has proven to be very dangerous. It damages the mucous membranes, even introduces parasites and nanoparticles into the body, and there have been cases of rupture of the blood-brain barrier. Doctors warn against testing – Dr. Petrella: “Do not be tested! “Once you are tested, you will be forced to be vaccinated.”

“- when he is not using [useless] masks; “

Comment: Doctors say: Healthy people have never been forced to wear a mask. The mask does not protect against the virus; on the contrary, immunity declines rapidly. By wearing a mask, a person inhales his own fumes and suffers from a lack of oxygen, which has a negative impact on brain function.

Ideologically, if a priest in a mask faces the people during Holy Mass, it’s all a publicity stunt for the entire fraudulent system, which continues with unreliable testing and experimental vaccination. It is a mockery of God and manipulation of people who put their trust in priests.

“- when he refuses to [controversial and dangerous] ‘vaccination’.”

Comment: Do Mexican bishops have at least basic knowledge of the mRNA vaccine? Let’s remember a few facts:

1) Who promotes the vaccine? The vaccine is being promoted by the powers that be. Why? Not for the sake of human health; it is rather the opposite, as Bill Gates has revealed: “If we do a good job with vaccines, we can reduce the population by 10-15%” (in the first phase). The Mexican bishops, along with pseudo-pope Bergoglio, are forcing this agenda from death on all their priests under terror.

2) The modified RNA vaccine changes the human genome, and it is a crime against God the Creator! Are the Mexican bishops aware that they are forcing priests and believers into this rebellion? Who do these bishops serve? God or Satan?

3) The vaccine has its biological basis in the tissue that is torn from a living unborn child before it is killed. By forcing mRNA vaccines, Mexican bishops are promoting the sadistic killing of unborn children. Under Catholic morality, they are subject to excommunication – expulsion from the Church.

4) Do the Mexican bishops know that the vaccine contains nanoparticles and is part of the process of fragmentation of mankind? Scripture warns against it, talking about the lake of fire. This Mexican Judas in miter forces the priests as well as the entire Mexican nation to follow the path that ends in the lake of fire. It is a tragedy that the apostate Catholic hierarchy has become a deceiver of the nation and is in opposition to the president of Mexico, who is opposed to compulsory vaccination and the restrictions on freedom that come with it.

5) Do these Mexican bishop wolves in sheep’s clothing know that vaccination is a forbidden experiment on humans under the Nuremberg Code and its purpose is the reduction or genocide of mankind? Here the religious deceivers and criminals, who live parasitically on the Mystical Body of Christ, have clearly exposed themselves. They work slyly with Bergoglio to destroy the Church; not only to commit physical genocide, but also to throw many souls who have received the mark into the lake of fire.

What do real experts, rather than pseudo-pope Bergoglio or the lying media, say about vaccination?

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, USA: “Health ministry lies to you. December 20, 2020: There is a huge increase in the death toll in Israel. National Immunization began on December 20th. There’s no justification for using this poisonous shot … It’s a bio-weapon. When a person receives an injection of these ‘vaccines’, the body becomes a kernel protein-producing factory. ”

Dr. Dolores Cahill, Ireland: “90% of those vaccinated will die within two years.”

Dr. Ryan Cole, USA: “The (mRNA) vaccine is a toxin. It causes microclumps, inflammatory reactions in the brain, heart, lungs … ”

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist and virologist: “After vaccination against Covid-19, blood clots were found in the vessels. When you have your child vaccinated, you are committing a crime! I consider these experimental vaccines to be experiments on people who are banned. ” (See Nuremberg Code)

Dr. Luc Montagnier, French virologist and Nobel laureate in the discovery of HIV, calls for an immediate end to mass vaccination: “This is the greatest risk of genocide in the history of mankind.”

We ask with what right and on what basis the Mexican bishops blackmail and impose sanctions on priests led by common sense, conscience and warnings from incorruptible and honest experts in virology. Are these clergy experts in medicine? If they sing “vaccine for all” like a mantra, invoking pseudo-pope Bergoglio, let us again point out that Bergoglio brought a multiple curse, anathema, upon himself for spiritual crimes against Christ, the Church, and mankind. He enthroned the Pachamama demon, thus violating the First Commandment and introducing pagan idolatry, leading to apostasy from the living Christ who is the only Savior. By promoting the legalization of gay marriage and the adoption of children, Bergoglio not only abolishes moral laws, but also calls for the punishment of temporary and eternal fire (2Pt 2: 6; Jude 1: 7). subject to him. As for the mRNA vaccine, the pseudo-pope is boycotting the urgent warnings of top medical experts and is consciously involved in the cunning genocide of humanity.

Let’s ask this Mexican Judas a question: Is Bergoglio a heretic and is he expelled from the Church, or is he a rightful Pope? “If anyone preaches another gospel, let him be accursed.” (Gal 1: 8-9) Bergoglio preaches a Covid and Sodomite anti-gospel, and therefore he is cursed, expelled.

Dear Mexican bishops, we call on you to repent in public, the priests to apologize, and to call the truth the truth, heresy heresy and a crime a crime. If you are not willing to repent, let the priests and believers separate from you as the greatest enemies of Christ and the Church, based on the teachings of the Church.

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr

A letter from Chancellery Patriarchate.

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