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GoFundMe concludes fundraising for TX deputy in ICU with COVID – Family loses court battle over Ivermectin –

Guest post by Kevin Moncla

Wednesday we have reported on a Texas deputy and father of 6, Jason Jones, who was admitted to the hospital with Covid and on a ventilator. His wife, Erin, is fighting in the hospital in court for the right to have a doctor from outside treat him with Ivermectin. That outside doctor happened to be dr. Mary Bowden, who reported to us Thursday that her admission privileges have been revoked from a Houston hospital. Her crime? Disseminates “disinformation” about Ivermectin even though she has successfully treated hundreds of patients with the medication. Strange that the hospital took this action just after Dr. Bowden on behalf of Mr. Jones testified.

** You can help the family here on GiveSendGo.

On Thursday, the court ruling that dr. Bowden would have provided to Mr. Jones to be treated with Ivermectin, set aside. The hospital, Texas Health Huguley, appealed the court order on the grounds that dr. Bowden (mentioned above) did not have admission privileges in the hospital. The hospital argued that the court does not have the authority to circumvent its policies by ordering admission privileges without the doctor going through the standard process. The appellate court agreed and overturned the lower court’s order. The decision is significant because Ms. Jones will have to start over, but will also have to get a doctor with admission privileges at Texas Health Huguley, who is willing to prescribe and treat Ivermectin.


It must be said that Ivermectin is an FDA-approved medication that has a safety profile that even Tylenol cannot compare to. It has been out-of-label prescribed to treat Covid in India and other countries with miraculous success. Prescribing an off-label medication is a common practice that doctors regularly use to treat a condition with a medication intended for something else. Doctors, for example, prescribe aspirin to those who are at risk of having heart attacks, even if they were not made for that purpose. Doctors are restricted from practicing medicine as they are trained to do. Sharing their findings and experiences is considered “the dissemination of” disinformation “.

Restricting “disinformation” is nothing more than censorship being renamed.

Friends and family have organized a prayer rally for next Monday to show both support for the family, while making sure the hospital knows that their lack of human decency and compassion will not go unnoticed:

A GoFundMe fundraising page set up for the family was also closed on Wednesday without notice or warning because an update called Ivermectin. The action to close the fundraiser immediately was taken in an unforced and unprofessional manner that could have been properly addressed in a number of other ways. GoFundMe has gained a reputation for being known for being politically biased and hostile to conservative causes.

** A new account has been set up to help the family by GiveSendGo:

** Click here to help this family **

More from Emily Miller who originally broke the story:

GoFundMe has removed the online fundraiser for the family of Texas Sheriff Deputy Jason Jones after his wife posted an update on her legal attempts to get Ivermectin.

GoFundMe said the content falls under the “prohibited behavior” section. The company did not issue a warning and removed the link from its website. Jones dies of COVID at Texas Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth. Since I first announced their names and linked to the fundraiser to help the Jones family, the GoFundMe account has gone from a few thousand dollars to $ 36,000 in donations from across the country. The new fundraiser for the Jones family is here at Give Send Go.

Erin, who is a stay-at-home mom of six children, texted me today: “I do not know if I will receive any of the donations?”

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