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Kevin McCarthy moans that Democrats mocked him during floor speech

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy ran to Fox News to complain that Democrats hacked him during his eight-hour-plus floor speech failure.


“McCarthy said when asked what his voice was,”My voice is so strong because it is strong for the American people. When I went to the floor, I no idea I will talk for so long. It was not about breaking records it was breaking down the bill. More than 2000 pages, and the Democrats only allowed drivers ten minutes on each side to debate. The amount of dislike they would try to do to stop me from can talk. ”

The House minority leader complained about Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Tim Ryan, “ I was on my way to make one statement, to speak to the account. I had a speech I was work for a while. It would probably have taken me 45 minutes to give that speech the longest. But when I got to the floor, what was so interesting about how bad with which they fought back every word I would say. I know at home you can not really hear it or see it when you are on the floor you can. Which is interesting. It was AOC and Tim Ryan who are the ones who would shout hardest. Tim Ryan used to be the alternative to Nancy Pelosi, who together to grow up government socialism. They would scream from the other one she, trying to shut me down. ”

The Democrats backed down because McCarthy lied. Kevin McCarthy did not break the bill. He chatted for hours on end about all sorts of things, but he did not discuss the bill with any kind of details.

McCarthy managed to irritate and confuse the people who listened to him because he was incoherent and no one had any idea what he was talking about.

Kevin McCarthy’s choice of Sunday show venue is revealing. Instead of going on This Week, or Meet The Press, the House minority leader ran to Fox News to do damage control because his sloppy monologue was a total flop.

If Kevin McCarthy can not handle criticism, he is not fit to be Speaker.

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