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See the new PDA photos of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Directly from Palm Springs, this is the new It Couple! And a sausage sandwich on a stick.

Kim Kardashian and Piet Davidson confirmed their romance while holding hands in the desert city of California on Wednesday, November 17, the same day that photos of them celebrating Pete’s 28th birthday together were released.

Kim, dressed in a tank top and sweatpants, and Pete, wearing a black T-shirt and checkered pajamas from her SKIMS brand, were spotted with other people in an Escalade, an eyewitness told E! News. Security guards were taken down as they brought a box of a Hot Dog on a Stick eatery into a vehicle in a nearby mall. On a 2014 episode of Keep up with the Kardashians, Kim has indicated the fast food brand is her favorite.

Pete and Kim were later seen holding hands out of the car. The two then got into another vehicle, a Maybach, and stayed inside for a few minutes before Pete left the vehicle and returned to the Escalade, the eyewitness said. He then traveled to the local airport and was photographed smoking with several friends while wearing full SKIMS PJs. Kim was later spotted on her own, wearing a similar outfit.

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