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Ted Cruz abruptly denies talking to Trump while the 1/6 committee closes

On Sunday, Ted Cruz disputed detailed coverage of his talks with Trump on Jan. 6, as the 1/6 committee closes Trump’s call logs.

Ted Cruz abruptly denies talking to Trump at 1/6

Video by Sen. Cruz (R-TX) on CBS’s Face The Nation:

Transcript via Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: I would be discouraged if I did not ask you about the state of our own democracy. I know you condemned the violence on January 6, but in that book, Peril, Bob Woodward, and Robert Costa reported detailed conversations you had with President Donald Trump at the time on January 6, and that you knew there were no congressional authority. to overthrow the election. Has it not harmed our democracy and our prestige in the world to delight the doubters?

SEN. CRUZ: Well, I did not read that particular book, and I happened to have no conversations with President Trump on January 6 –

MARGARET BRENNAN: Didn’t you talk to him like they did in the—

SEN. CRUZ: But I can tell you under the constitution-

MARGARET BRENNAN: – but they set out a number of conversations you had in the book with the president about the challenge of the election.

SEN CRUZ: I have no idea – I have no idea what that book says – but I had no conversations with them on January 6th. But I also know what the constitution stipulates and the –

MARGARET BRENNAN: – From 6 January?

SEN. CRUZ: – I had many conversations with him in days and weeks and months leading up to January 6, I sometimes spoke to the president as often as once a week or once a day. But my point is simple. Under the Constitution, Congress has a role, it has a responsibility when it comes to certifying votes. And what I did, I brought together a group of 11 senators, and we objected to asking a Foreign Electoral Commission to review the claims of voter fraud and to evaluate and establish the evidence.

The book Peril has been out for months, but sen. Cruz has so far never denied reports that he had detailed talks with Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is playing a risky game, because if he did talk to Trump, it’s likely that there will be evidence of those conversations in the documents the 1/6 committee is looking for.

The 1/6 committee was interested in the activities of Sens. Cruz and Paul before, during and after the attack.

The 1/6 committee is digging, and Ted Cruz says he did not talk to Trump, but if he did, he would not be able to hide it for much longer.

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