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Marjorie Taylor Greene rages after Georgia GOP adds more Democrats to her district

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) raged after her congressional district was re-signed to include more Democrats.

Greene was naturally upset that more deep blue areas had been added to her district:

Greene told Georgia Republicans that they should have strengthened red districts for the long term, saying the new map is a losing strategy that will lead to Georgia’s slow gliding turning blue.

Rep. Greene is really upset because her district might no longer be an easy win for her. The addition of deep blue areas will cause her to have to work harder to win re-election, and more importantly, it will reduce her margin of victory for future re-election campaigns.

Greene plays around with a future presidential bid, so she definitely wants to win by huge margins. The hubris of Republicans was evident in Greene’s statement. They assume that in 2022 they will take back the majority of the House with many. Republicans can set themselves up for massive failure.

A lot can happen between now and Election Day 2022, and Greene will not be so angry about her new district unless she’s worried in the back of her mind about losing her own seat.

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