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Milwaukee DA John Chisholm is to blame for Waukesha

Milwaukee has a corrupt DA that releases criminals while harassing Republicans. His policy led to Sunday’s massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin and he knew years ago it would.

We reported that DA John Chisholm only charges one-third of all police referrals for crimes in Milwaukee County Wisconsin. His policies allow thousands of criminals and other criminals to go free after committing horrific crimes.

EXCLUSIVE: Waukesha mass murderer was released from DA John Chisholm’s Milwaukee County where only 1/3 of all criminal police referrals lead to charges

In 2016, Chisholm took records of 159 conservatives in his state. He told them not to tell anyone. His unprecedented searches tagged the “John Doe Investigations” were politically motivated and probably criminal.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Sixth victim dies – an 8-year-old boy – after Black Lives Matter supporter takes his sports utility vehicle through Waukesha Christmas parade

John Doe inquiry: 159 Conservatives have seized government property – saying they can say nothing

Chisholm has also been in favor of getting rid of bail for people like Darrell Brooks, who killed 6 people and injured 50 on Sunday. But Chisholm knew that events like this would happen. He did so in 2007 according to the Daily mail:

The district attorney whose office released Waukesha Parade killer Darrell Brooks on $ 1,000 bail three weeks ago has previously admitted that he knew his lax bail policy would lead to killers being released and killing others, and in ‘ a 2007 interview flapper said: ‘You bet, it’s guaranteed to happen.’

John Chisholm was elected Milwaukee County District Attorney in 2007 and immediately began pleading for lower cash obligations for criminals, such as Brooks – a criminal with a history of domestic violence charges who was most recently locked up for driving his mother’s mother around. .

Milwaukee has never abolished cash mortgages and neither has the state, but prosecutors in the DA’s office are calling for lower amounts.

John Chisholm is a very sick and evil man who must be removed from office as soon as possible. His actions are ultimately responsible for the murders this week in Waukesha.

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