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Trump tries to control primary nomination contests with “loyalty”

This is Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy’s biggest nightmare. Election cycles after a victorious presidency generally favor the party out of power, often in large numbers. The IDP expects the tradition to hold in 2022. Their biggest concern is that Donald Trump controls the primary process so, while also being so thin-skinned, and so obsessed with loyalty, that Trump will run away the viable candidates in favor of Marjorie Taylor-Green or Madison Cawthorn 2.0, but this time many of them will simply be ineligible because their opponent will be able to point out the issue so easily.

As CNN reports:

Earlier this month, the former president enlisted the help of North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn called in former Rep. Persuading Mark Walker to end his campaign for the Senate and instead run for the House, which is Trump’s preferred candidate in the GOP Senate primary, Rep. Ted Budd, according to people familiar with the matter.

The report states that Trump is outraged at the 13 House members who voted for the infrastructure bill. It does not matter that Trump knows the country needs it. It only matters that it gave Biden a victory over trump. Trump can not afford to be so angry at the senators who voted for the package. There are 19 of them who voted in August (although another reconciliation vote is coming soon). Trump is not interested in building his type of party. He is building a fascist organization dedicated to one man, not a nation or a cause.

“Former presidents usually leave the spotlight after leaving office and refrain from including themselves in their party primaries. But a person close to Trump compared the former president to the mob patriarch Vito Corleone in the ‘The Godfather’ movie for his efforts to take revenge on Republicans who criticized him for calling the January 6 uprising at the Capitol incited or for agrees to accept Biden’s $ 1.2 billion infrastructure plan. Trump “pulled strings behind the scenes and led candidates in the right direction,”

We will only know in 2022 whether Trump helped defeat himself again. It is conceivable that the GOP could win the House and Senate, but with much slimmer margins than would have been possible, which – once again could have an impact on the “party” on the way and – could possibly lead to a rebellion among the remaining members.

It’s unlikely that a day goes by that McConnell and McCarthy are not afraid of Trump’s determination to shape the party into his image.

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