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Liberal from Massachusetts visits parents in New Hampshire, has crash on gun shop window posters

A Massachusetts liberal activist who visited his parents in Merrimack, New Hampshire over the Thanksgiving holiday, had a breakdown over a gun shop’s window display with posters criticizing Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein and Anthony Fauci and the show a call “call for violence”. Nothing in the show explicitly or implicitly calls for violence. Apparently, however, the exercise of First and Second Amendment rights is seen as a call for violence by these liberal activists.

Ben Jackson, a writer and producer working with actress Alyssa Milano on her Sorry Not Sorry podcast, posted a photo of the store, 619DW rifles and ammunition, with the statement: “This is the gun shop in my parents’ town. Do not fucking tell me this is not a call to violence. Do not tell me gun culture is not sick to its core. #NoRA #MerrimackNH #NHPolitics ”

Jackson was further caused by Guns & Ammo’s requirement that patron not wear masks in the store, and posted a photo with a sign in the door that read: “Stop & Read: We Pull Guns on Masked Visitors – Take Off Your Mask before you go in. “

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Jackson’s Twitter on reading, “Dad. Former Navy Seabee. Bylines @BostonGlobe, @CogWBUR, @TheHill. Manufacturer @sorrynotsorry. Cares about people, so Democrat. # BidenHarris2020”

Jackson was further aroused by a Merrimack woman who had the courage to point out his hypocrisy to mock “neck-beard” libertarians with Jackson’s profile picture of him with a neck-beard.

Dr. Borysenko had none of that from the Massachusetts Liberals, “So let’s review: @BJacksonWrites is a white progressive man who went out of his way to insult a small business in my town, insult my intelligence, my ability to insult. to do my job, and insulted my appearance. That’s what they mean by toxic masculinity, right? “

This is not the first time 619DW Gun & Ammo have shown liberals over their window. A poster by Barack Obama with the caption “Firearms Salesman of the Year” attracted complaints in 2013:

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